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Single Axle Trailer


The single axle tilta trailer has been specifically designed to carry lightweight vehicles.

Single Axle tilting car trailer

They comply with Australian Standards.

Their lightweight design makes them easy to manoeuvre and this makes them easier to be reversed, unlike Dolly or A-frames. There is also no wear and tear or accumulation of unwanted kilometres on your vehicle when you choose Tilta Trailer.

All trailers come standard with 3 brand new light truck tyres on alloy rims, override disc brakes, handbrake, multi-volt LED lights, 2 tie down strap and galvanised plated tracks.

Features & Specifications

  • Will carry most vehicles up to 1200kg
  • Trailer weight is only 300kg
  • New light truck tyres (including spare)
  • Alloy rims
  • Override disc brakes and handbrake
  • Muli-volt LED lights
  • Automatic locking of tracks when vehicle is loaded

Trailer Size

  • 5m long
  • 1.85m between guards
  • 2.36m wide
  • 700mm high
  • Approach angle 10 degrees

Single Axle Trailer Options

  • Stone Guard
  • Hand Winch
  • Wider Tracks
  • Jerry Can Holders


Tilta Trailers single axle trailers are designed to carry a maximum of 1200kg.

Placing further weight either in your vehicle or on the trailer will void the compliance.  This means that if you were unfortunate enough to have an accident, no claims on insurance can be made.

Please note that by placing extra weight in the boot of your vehicle while it is on the trailer will reduce the trailer’s ability to tilt and may cause damage to the locking mechanism which in turn may cause damage to your vehicle.

Please be aware of this.