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Full Floor Tandem Trailer


We are now pleased to be able to offer a full floor version of our tandem axle trailer. This is available in either Checker Plate or Punched/Slotted Floor. Both these versions work on exactly the same principle as our Standard Tandem Axle trailer. Comes standard with 12 months registration and 4 tie down straps.

 Tandem Checkerplate Full Floor_rs OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Features & Specifications

  • Both trailer versions will carry vehicles up to 2000kg
  • Trailer weight is CHECKER PLATE = 715kg & SLOTTED FLOOR = 680kg
  • New low profile truck tyres (including spare)
  • Alloy rims
  • Onboard brake away brake with built in battery
  • 4 wheel electric brakes and Handbrake
  • Multi volt LED lights
  • Air Bag suspension
  • Built in air compressor

Trailer Size

  • 6.23m overall length
  • 4.26m deck length
  • 2.5m overall width
  • 1.93m deck width
  • 550mm high

Trailer Features

  • Floor angle when tilted is only 6 degrees
  • No extra ramps are required
  • Doors can be opened OVER GUARDS
  • Adjustable numberplate for easy loading


Tilta Trailers tandem axle trailers are designed to carry a maximum of 2000kg.

Placing further weight either in your vehicle or on the trailer will void the compliance.  This means that if you were unfortunate enough to have an accident, no claims on insurance can be made.

Please note that by placing extra weight in the boot of your vehicle while it is on the trailer will reduce the trailer’s ability to tilt and may cause damage to the locking mechanism which in turn may cause damage to your vehicle.

Please be aware of this.